Thoughts On The Move.

So I caught up with a good mate this morning. And I caught up with him because he's a purpose driven guy. 

And in the last couple of days, as you may have seen, my books been released on Amazon and a stack of books arrived at my doorstep. But I was questioning whether I was worthy. I'd started to look at, more at me, than my purpose. I'd started to look at the book more than my purpose. I'd started to look at the chapters within the book ... Even last night, my daughter came to me and said, "Dad, on the first page of your book there's a typo. In fact, I hate to say it, but it's in like the first sentence." 

So, I went to bed last night obsessing about how when people open my book, the first thing they're going to notice is that mistake, that typo in the first sentence.

When I caught up with my mate this morning and we had a chat about looking at the big picture, focusing on what's really important. And how often, I wondered, has that happened in your life? That we can't see the forest for the trees. 

You know, we have moments where instead of looking at what's important, we focus on this (the rubbish), rather than focusing on that (the beautiful abundance and opportunity).

We forget why we're here and who we're here to serve. 
Dr Ben Carvosso

We see all the things that are wrong in our world. We see all the places that we could go wrong, all the places that we could be judged. All the places that we could fail rather than all the places that we have succeeded and that we could succeed. We lose connection with what's really important, whether it's family, whether it's our children, whether it's our team, whether it's our God. We forget why we're here and who we're here to serve. 

So, this might just be my thing but I just thought I'd share with you that despite me devoting a whole quarter of my book to the importance of purpose and knowing what you really want, to knowing why you're here and having that drive. Your plans, your productivity ... Having that drive your personality so that you can truly lead a profitable life.  I found myself in the last few days, weeks or maybe even months, focusing more about me. Focusing more about what's not right than what is right. 

Have an amazing day today. 

Take charge. Stop doing your busy working get connected again with your life's work.  

I'm Dr. Ben my life's CEO.

Dr. Ben Carvosso

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