Doing your life’s work has always been a big part of my life story, seeking a to help others achieve it is part of my nature,  bringing enthusiasm and inspiration has been my path to realizing it. It’s a passion that I will pursue forever. I just love it.

For me speaking is no different, to the work I do as a doctor. Listen to the client, understand their challenges, diagnose the reason for them, know their objectives, give them choices around a solution, then work with them to create great results, results that are better than they thought. What I do is more than just a job, it’s my mission. I love sharing the experiences from my journey, the questions I have asked along the journey are often the same questions my audiences are asking in their lives. It’s not so much my answers but the method I took to finding them. The purpose of my success is to help others find their answers to achieving their life’s work, in business, career, health, relationships and for the people around them.

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Most importantly, I like to crush any event I do, not with the old school pump them up, as this doesn’t last if the hole is still there, they’ll just go flat again, but with powerful questions and strategies that leave the audience changed. We start to fix the hole. Each presentation is tailored to the audience and always ends with seeking action, a to be and a to do list. Knowledge is not power action is. I want them to walk away with clear ideas that they can put into action immediately! This is all achieved through personal stories and a down to earth practical approach, that leaves an audience moved to make themselves and the world around them a better place.

I know my stuff inside and out, and passionately stay up to date with the latest thoughts on achieving Work Life Balance from around the world. I love imparting this information to any audience from the small end of town, small business owners, franchisees, entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, up to the big end of town and anyone else interested in helping themselves and others be busy less (but more productive), less full and more fulfilled.

Seeing Ben present is like a mix of Tony Stark (Ironman) and Jim Carey, just with an Australian accent.


“Ben is not just an excellent presenter, he’s a motivator, advisor, friend, promotor, and encourager. His keynote presentation left me and the attendees WOW'd and excited to pursue their business and life goals and passions.”

Allan Dib
Author, Speaker and Coach

“Just completed the Get On Track workshop, and previously the Mind Lab workshop - and wow! Life changing stuff right there! Strongly recommend getting to these workshops if you want to live an un-stuck life.”

Linda Reeve
Business Owner
Your Admin

“Ben is amazing and the workshop brilliant! I came away knowing how to set goals that will succeed and I'm already getting great results - Woo Hoo! Love all his workshops, they are changing my life for the better every day.”

Marloes Bakker-Marsden
Busy-Pen Studio’s

“As the event planner, working with Ben before the event was not only smooth but fun. He made my job so much easier. Ben had the task of speaking our large and diverse team. The full C’suite, Cleaners to CEO’s. Our people were initially unsure about the value of a discussion on Work Life Alignment. Ben had them leaning in from the first moment. They are still talking about his presentation months later!”

Jo Robinson
HR Leader
Fox-Smith & Co.

“I have had the privilege to participate in 2 of Dr Ben's workshops recently and can't recommend them highly enough. Each workshop has given me tools to help change my life, and thankfully I have been inspired to use these tools and start and make changes and take back some control of my life. Step outside your comfort zone and take part in Dr Ben's workshops, taking the plunge is really worth it!!”

Nicole Dyt
Communications Liaison Officer
Chrysler Productions
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Speaker Profile

I started off in business by purchasing a Health Centre at age 23. I built that business up over 14 years to become one of Australia’s largest Allied Health practice’s. Then about 12 years into it I also built a Radiology Company from scratch. Starting as Owner, HR Manager, Supply Manager, PR Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Finance controller and at times Cleaner. In just 7 years, I built it to a company that had 4 Comprehensive Radiology sites throughout SE Melbourne employing over 34 staff and turning over $3.5M annually. I’ve done business. 

At age 25 I married the love of my life Michelle (now 25+ years married), and went about having 3 kids within 4 years. And whilst I decided to focus on my marriage, the kids, my health, and the relationships with family and friends, as well as work, it was not always smooth sailing.

I must have been doing something right, as I found myself always being asked, “how do you do it, and how can I do it?” Diagnosing challenges and finding solutions is who I am, this lead me to taking my doctor thinking and applying it to the challenges of Work Life Balance

My wife got sick of me giving my advice for free, and insisted I start to charge for it. Boom! All of a sudden I had a growing coaching practice, and was being asked to not only help the owners of businesses but also their teams. I now travel the world showing business owners, entrepreneurs, chiefs of organisations and their teams how to create that elusive work life balance, and do their life’s work.

I am so passionate about my topic I wrote a 300 page book on the subject. Life CEO, take charge stop your busy work and do your life’s work. Over the last 12 months I have coached over 500 hours and presented 24 times to more than 600 audience members.

I’m a genuine kind of guy, I charge reasonable fees, and will go above and beyond to help passionate clients get their outcome, but won’t give a hoot about a project if the clients have a don’t care attitude. I just want business owners to take care of themselves more, so that all aspects of their life have a positive impact for them and the lives around them.

The bottom-line? There has never been a better time to create more moments in your life that truly matter, and leave a legacy. Ever!

Ps. I live in Mt Eliza by the beach with my wife Michelle, 2 of our kids, (one is overseas on a gap year) have a dog, twin cats, 197 gold fish and about 150,000 

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