Do you ever suffer with symptoms of procrastination, and feelings of Ahhhhh?

I know the feelings, and can recognise the symptoms. My diagnosis... STUCK! You see often in life we get stuck, stuck because we have become disconnected from what is important our vision, mission or purpose. This leads to heeling of lower confidence or even low self worth and symptoms of Procrastination, self sabotage, anger, guilt, shame and eventually we can think that something is wrong with us. I've got to tell you nothing is wrong with you. You have just stopped stepping into the unknown. In this powerful workshop we will explore the tools you can use to get UN-STUCK and on with the life you dreamed and deserve.

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Here is What You Will Discover:

Primitive Brain Dangers

There are some parts of our brain that are primitive and the chemical reactions that occur as a result of these parts being activated, are not appropriate for most situations in the year 2015+. As a result serious disease processes can result. You will learn to recognise these chemical reactions, and make them your friend rather than enemy.

Goals vs Challenges

In life all growth occurs in the uncomfortable zone. You will come to understand the differences, yet similarities between goals and challenges (problems). You will learn about your fears and what sometimes holds you back from the growth in life you want.

Whats your very own strategy for not getting suff done.

this is the best part of the workshop, where you get to explore and understand your strategy for not getting stuff done, the very thing that keeps you stuck. Gain an insight to your mind and be amazed, delighted and laugh when you discover your secret strategy for not getting everything you want in life.

BONUS - Branson Questions

This is super cool. Learn the 2 questions Sir Richard Branson asks whenever he is about to make a decision. These two questions will seriously free you up to do some very cool stuff. Round the world trip on a jet ski?

Here is What You Will Get:

3 Keys to breaking through your barrier.

Like everything there is a cheat sheet to success. You will learn the three simple you unbelievably powerful keys to growing in life. These keys when applied will allow you to have better health, relationships, careers, money and achieve the goals you want. With these 3 keys you will welcome challenges knowing that you have the tools to deal with them.

Less worry, more calm.

As a result of having an insight to the thing that holds you back and your strategy for not crossing the boundary, you will experience less stress and a greater sense of piece in everyday life. Even as you leave the workshop problems and concerns will feel more manageable and a general sense of lightness will fill your body. This is not wowo, this is the weight of helplessness and being stuck getting lifted.

Become Response-able

Language is power. You will learn the key difference between living your life, being the cause of what you get, vs, feeling like you are effected by life. If nothing else, the 10 mins we will spend on this is worth the entire workshop. By recognising you language patterns and starting the process of changing them you will see your entire world open up. Become the change agent you want to be and create the life that you were designed to have.

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Do you feel stuck in some area of your life, and want your days to be filled with more moments of being turned ON?


If you answered YES, some of the answers to getting unstuck may be at this workshop.

I wonder if you were to practice growing and step into the unknown, wether attending this workshop could be the first step. Whats the worst thing that could happen? Could you handle it? Interested to see if you book a seat at the next one...

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How is this workshop special?

This workshop is not for everyone.

This workshop is designed to have you truly connect with the "thing" that holds you back. It's often something that has been there for a long time. Once you get the insight to what it is for you (and everyone is different) you will be 50% of the way there to getting it sorted.

Importantly in this workshop you will discover you are not the only person with a "thing" that holds them back. Often in life we compare our worst with others best. This leads to even lower self worth. At this workshop that belief will be smashed.

Dr. Ben shares his experience behind the theory.

You see we all have a story. I am rarely asked if I am qualified to speak on topics like those we cover at Mind Lab. At this workshop I will share the insights I have had about myself and you will understand that this workshop is not just theory. I have tested it. It works.

Knowledge is not power, action is. You will leave this workshop with the tools to start talking action and apply the principles in many area's of your life. I promise the world will look different when you leave.

"The mind is everything. What you think you become." — Buddha