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Seeking A Work-Life Balance?

I am one of Australia’s leading mindset coaches for business.
Specifically, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Organisation Chiefs who are seeking greater work life balance.

The thing is though I believe that the pursuit of work life balance is a losing strategy. So rather than constantly trying to balance work and life, which is exhausting and can be very painful, I help my clients and their teams, find and achieve their life's work

What I have found interesting was that despite my clients presenting on the surface with a host of challenges around Health, Relationships, Money, Career, Business or just Life itself, Ultimately they all just wanted to be busy-less, less-full and more full-filled.

In all cases the battle for work life balance came down to three losses...

  • Loss of Clarity
    In a society that encourages us to be busy getting more stuff, rather than more meaning, many of people wake up one day wondering if their current direction is the one that are really want. They lose connection with what’s really important, their vision mission or purpose.
  • Trust
    Without clarity, they find themselves doing what they should do not what they really want to do. This leads them to failing at what they do put their mind to because it’s not being driven by inspiration, or they get the should and fell unfulfilled because it’s not what they really want. They get stuck, no longer trusting themselves. 
  • Willpower
    With a lack of clarity, and loss of trust in themselves they often find they no longer have the willpower to make sustained change.

Without this trust in themselves and the willpower feed by a greater purpose and clear plans they find themselves overwhelmed, and busy, and they come to the mistaken conclusion, that they just need more time or money to sort out their work life balance problem. 

It was this worldwide mistaken conclusion that lead me to write my amazon bestselling book on the subject.

Life CEO, Take charge and start doing your life's work, not your busy work.

You see I have discovered that there are 5 crucial steps to the recipe of being fulfilled. 

At the age of 37 I suffered with significant stuck episode. I have asked the questions, “what am I doing and why?”, “is it all worth it?”, and "how can I find more time to do what matters most?". Importantly I have faced those questions and sought answers. Whilst everyones answers differ the strategies I used to find the answers and are universal. 

Whether you are a business leader, team leader or a mum or dad, I believe we are at a time in the world when more than ever we need you, our leaders to be great. To be examples of how a life of flourishing can be, and what it means to do your life’s work.

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