Dr Ben Carvosso


Keynote 1

MOVE Forward In The Whirlwind.

Many of us get consumed and overpowered by the whirlwind of life. We fail to do and achieve the things we want to do even though we know they could make a difference.

So what goes wrong?

We overcomplicate things, including trying to keep score of every aspect of our lives. Sometimes we are told what is important, rather than having ownership, and taking 100% responsibility for what we believe is important.

Find the calm in the storm. 

Get off to a flying start. Get clear on your outcomes, decide on the measures of success and install a system of action and accountability. Increase your standards, follow your plan and stay focused on the needle mover.

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Keynote 2

Make That Thing, A DONE Deal!

Ever had a goal and didn’t get it? Why?

Often its because we failed to articulate clearly what we want, but sometimes its just a simple case of it being a “should”. Either you or someone you know has “should” on you, and you bought into it.

A commitment and decision that has crystal clear clarity is key. More importantly though is making sure that what you think you want, is actually what you want.

Get on you T.R.A.C.K. TM

In this powerful session you will discover the T.R.A.C.K. TM method of goal setting. 

You will get super clear on what you want, articulate it in a way that is compelling and aligned with your core values and compelling vision, so as its as good as done!

You will have a goal setting template to use forever, a template that will make anything you really want, a done deal.

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Keynote 3

Dancing With FEAR.

Ever planned to do something and found yourself procrastinating or distracted? Or suffered with feelings of frustration, anger, or tiredness? Find yourself sometimes blaming others or making excuses as to why you can’t or couldn’t get that thing you planned to do, done?

I’ve got the dance for you.

The fear foxtrot. This is where you learn to recognise the deep unconscious fear that holds you back. A friend (fear) that was sent years ago to protect you, and that maybe now you find no
longer serves you. Discover this friend and learn to dance with it.

I’ll teach you the steps.

You will discover the strategies to moving forward, making decisions and moving forward despite your fear. Gain more self confidence and take on challenges with ease. Learn your true capabilities as you expand your self certainty and grow your self worth with courage.

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Keynote 4

Got NEEDS, Get Them Met.

We ALL have needs that must get met. Unfortunately, throughout life sometimes we learn how to get them met in a way that doesn’t serve us, or the people we care about or the planet in general.

Ever thought… “that’s not like me, I’m better than that!”

Discover the needs that drive both you and your clients actions and behaviours. Become insightful and make better choices that will fulfil your values and standards.

You are needy.

You and everyone you know will always be “needy”. In this “wow moment” session you will discover more about you than you might want to know. Powerfully, it will free you to make better choices and live a life that is more of a reflection of the real you.

Even better help others get their needs met and watch them shine!

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Keynote 5

Who You BE, Speaks Louder Than What You Do.

I’m sure that you are good at what you do, in fact you might be the best. In fact like any great athlete you probably train on your art and practice what you do until you have mastered it.


How often do you train on who you need to BE. Here is the thing, its who you BE (your vitals) that makes the difference between having a skill vs being the champion.

Build your dashboard, monitor your vitals on the journey.

In this session you will decide who you need to BE to create the relationships, health, career, success and wealth that you want. 

BEcome, start BEing, and Believe who you need to BE and watch your world rock!

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Keynote 6

A WINNING Mindset.

Ever heard of Lou Hultz?

He was one of the greatest coaches on the planet. Able to take losing teams and make them in to winners. When asked his secret formula for success he said “I just ask them three simple questions”.

The 3 simple questions…

Discover the 3 simple questions that you ask of others and yourself, and others ask of you and how they can impact every aspect of your life.


In this facilitation you will explore the three questions and what they mean for you. Start winning at the game of life and take your team with you. Create more success, more love, more wealth and experience greater joy.

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Keynote 7

The Final PUSH To Victory.

“At the end of a marathon, it's going to hurt whether you're speeding up or slowing down. You may as well push.” Summer Sanders. If you could take anything that you have learnt this year to the next level, what would it be? If there was a challenge this year that you would like to have handled better, what would it be?

Bespoke for your team. 

This bespoke session will address the mindset challenges of the team. Over 2 hours we explore the Wins, the Learning and the Challenges and frame them to create a resourceful, and useful meaning.

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