How to Get Rid of Overwhelm in Business.

I wanted to quickly share with you a question that I had from a client today about overwhelm. He said that he's feeling overwhelmed, that his business is getting busier, and busier, and busier, which is exactly what he asked me to help him do, but now he feels overwhelmed, he's starting to feel the stress. He wanted to know how can he deal with that, how can he do better at dealing with the stress.

Well, I want to give you three solutions that I gave him. Now, there's more than this but I want to give you the top three that I gave him.

  • Do 10% Less.
  • Say No for Now
  • Be kinder to yourself
1. Do 10% Less

The first solution I gave him was really simple, do 10% less. Do 10% less. It's a bit like if you're going for a run and you're running as hard as you possibly can, eventually you're going to feel exhausted and it's not going so feel so good. If you just backed off just 10%, then the run becomes easier and so too in business.

Some of us just go as hard as we possibly can, we're functioning at 90 or 95% of our maximum and eventually we feel exhausted, we start to feel overwhelmed, so just back off by just 10%. Now, if you were to project that over a year, for example, it might mean that it's going to cost you an extra month to maybe reach your eventual target but the 10% is worth it. Be a little kinder to yourself, just back off a little bit, just go a little bit slower.

Take an extra half an hour in the morning, which is 10% of your day. Take an extra half an hour in the morning to spend some time for yourself. Take yourself out for a cup of coffee, sit and have breakfast with the family. Go for that walk that you've been putting off. 10% less, number one.

2. Say No for NOW.

Number two is, it's actually really simple. It's say no more often but not no forever, say no for now. No for today, no for this week, but maybe next week, so it's just no for now. "No, I'm not going to do that now. No, I choose to not do that now but I might choose to do it next week or the week after or next month." We try and fit everything into today. We have these to-do lists that either we create for ourselves or someone creates for us and we feel compelled to get through the to-do list.

I'm going to suggest the second solution for you is really simple and it's to start saying no for now. "No, I'm not going to do that, and that, and that, and that today but I am going to do that." It's not no to those things forever but it's just no for now.

3. Be KINDER to Yourself

The third thing, as I sort of mentioned in the beginning, which is to be kinder to yourself. Life is short but life is also long. So many of my clients are just cruel to themselves, they just need to get a little kinder. They need to appreciate that they're human, that there's moments when you're going to have amazing energy and there's some moments when the energy is just not going to be there. There's some moments when you're not going to sleep so well and the next day it's just a little tougher.

Don’t Believe everything you see on the internet.
No one is like that all the time.

Be a little kinder to yourself, you don't have to be a machine. You don't have to be absolutely going at 100% every day, seven days a week. I see many of my clients, watch people on Instagram and on Facebook, and I see these kind of celebrities and we see just moments, snippets of their life, when they're training hard and lifting heavy, when they're all go, go, go, but it's not like that all the time. It's not possible to go at that level all the time.

I would encourage you, be a little kinder to yourself. Take some time out for yourself, say no more often. Recognise that you are human and are not a machine, that life is short but it's also long. It's not just about the destination but it is about enjoying the journey along the way.

Yep, You're Worth It!

Cheers Dr. Ben

Dr. Ben Carvosso

Business Coach - Author - Speaker

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