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Pic of the Week

My two mantras…

1. “Have powerful morning rituals”

2. “Hanging out with people that raise you up”

This pic is after a Body workout with 2 of my buddies Mike and Brad. Friday morning at 7, I train with these guys then head out to the Pear Tree Cafe and chat for an hour about life and business. Not only do we champion each other during our workouts (actually more like trash talk each other, 3 male egos, you can imagine) but we also champion, challenge and raise each other's standards in our businesses and life.

What are your morning rituals? Do you start your day on your terms, or is it on the terms of your kids, partner, boss, parents, etc?

Who are you hanging out with? Do you make time every week to mix with people that leave you feeling empowered, worthy, and capable?

How could you do better at this?

Here are the top three things that have made a difference in my week.
They might also be useful for you, or not.

1) An experience I had...

Massage treatment.This week I had the best massage treatment from Mariella from Mornington Peninsula Massage Therapy. Yep, the team in our Chiropractic Offices. They have set up full “Day Spa” style rooms, that offer the full range of massage styles from hardcore Myotherapy where you fell like you are getting tenderized by a sledgehammer (joking, although it can feel like it), through to beautiful relaxing soft touch massage with dim lighting, warmed massage tables and whale music. The sort of massage where you drop off to sleep 10min in and wake up an hour later feeling like you have slept for days.

If you haven't tried them out yet make a booking HERE. Use promo code “DrBen” to save 10%.

2) Something I’m playing with...

Chat Bots.More and more I’m finding people not wanting to commit. They are avoiding conversations that might cause them to make a decision. They want to communicate where they feel safe to “back out”. So how do you communicate with prospects? Potential customers that need your service are looking but want to decide on their terms. Email doesn't work. There is no conversation, it's slow, (I know we used to talk about how the post is slow, email is fast, not anymore). It's also easy to just delete it or leave it as one of the 134 still unopened emails from last week. Then there is the phone. It's fast, convenient, we can ask questions, get answers, all good except for one thing… I’ve got to talk to a real person. Like talk. Too hard. Enter the chatbot. A semi-automated communication system using Facebook messenger. You've seen them on websites. That popup that asks you a question via a text. It allows you to interact, find out answers to your questions, come to an educated buying decision without having to speak to a real human.

We are experimenting with this for our Chiropractic and Coaching businesses in the coming months. Worth checking out if you are in business.

3) Online purchase I made

Trail Runners.Great place to buy any style of runners at great prices. They often stock last year's model at heavily discounted prices. I’ve decided to have a go at a pair of Hoka One One’s for my adventure race in 3 weeks. Saved $90. Worth checking out. If they don't fit, don't like them you get 1005 money back for a $10 post-return cost. I had to do this as my first order was Salomon SLabs that didn't fit properly.

Ps. My favorite quote this week is : Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.” - Charles Dickens

I would love your feedback on what had an impact on you and the lesson in it, moral of the story, or learning you would share.

Have a ripper finish to your week.

Cheers Dr. Ben

Dr. Ben Carvosso

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