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Pic of the Week

This pic is of a tent set up in my backyard. Over the weekend and Tuesday night (during the storm) I slept in it. Why? For lots of reasons but mainly two. Firstly, to experience nature and the discomfort that comes with tent sleeping. Cold, the noises of nature at night, rain, wind, hard sleep mats, and the complications of getting up to go to the loo during the night. Life can get too comfortable; it makes us soft in the mind but importantly it makes our body soft. I believe that experiencing discomfort helps make us stronger and more resilient. In fact, research shows that acute episodes of stress (not the chronic day-on day-out stress most humans experience) help us live longer and healthier lives. Secondly sleeping in a simple tent without all the expensive comforts of our privileged lives helps remind me of what really matters, and that happiness can be found in the simple. When did you last keep it simple, even a little uncomfortable and it became one of the best experiences?

Here are the top three things that have made a difference in my week.
They might also be useful for you, or not.

1) Something I built this week...

Stand up desk unit. Over the last few weeks with my kids spending more time at home studying, I have noticed their posture when sitting at their desks. So, armed with a simple plan I zipped to Bunnings bought two small sheets of white melamine board and whipped up a simple unit to sit on their desks. Converting them into standing desks. For a total cost of $20 and 1 hour of my time, it created a massive change in their workspace, effecting their energy and productivity when studying. Interested in the design? Message me and I’ll get you a copy.

2) A great app I am using...

Pzizz. This great app is one of the world's most advanced sleep and power nap systems to help you fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. It’s simple to use and great for a power nap in the middle of the day. I often need a little reset after working with clients non-stop for 4 hours. Like a reboot for your computer, it helps you reboot your mind and body for a fresh start to the arvo. Free to trial for a week, it’s worth a look.

3) Some great new recipes I am trying...

Plant Power Meal Planner. I took one look at ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll, and I thought to myself I’ll have what he’s having. Obviously, exercise plays a major part of his physique, but he could not perform on such a level if not powered by the right fuel. In partnership with Lighter, he created his own plant-based meal planner to help us mere mortals achieve a higher level of athletic prowess and overall health. Like Lighter, the program involves a personalization survey, which covers everything from allergies to what kitchen tools you own. You’ll receive recommended meals based on your survey and goals from Rich, his wife Julie Piatt (yogi and cookbook author), and the Lighter nutritionists. Again, the goal is to make your new diet as easy as possible. The service is $14 per month, or $99 per year. With the ability to add family members and leftover suggestions, this program for everyone from athletes to families.

Ps. A quote that fits this week...

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” - Brian Tracy

I would love your feedback on what had an impact on you and the lesson in it, moral of the story, or learning you would share.

Have a ripper finish to your week.

Cheers Dr. Ben

Dr. Ben Carvosso

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