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Pic of the Week

I feel like this is the FUN issue of 3 Things Thursday. This pic is of me and a couple of kiteboarding mates at 6.45 in the morning sitting down to a takeaway coffee out front of Robs Beachbox, better known as “Frankston Kiteboard HQ”. We hung out waiting for the wind to arrive for a quick kite before I headed into the practice for an 8.30 start. What a way to start the day, with heaps of laughs (mostly taking the piss off each other's kite skills), in touch with nature, and some morning sun. Go do something fun this week.

Here are the top three things that have made a difference in my week.
They might also be useful for you, or not.

1) A new business I’ve started with some like-minded mates...

Flow Hub

Ever had that feeling that time has distorted, that what you are doing is effortless, and weirdly the sense of self disappears like you become one with your surroundings. This magical place that we all get to experience at times is called a flow state. It is where great things happen, it's where you do your best work, create your best art, music, buildings. Where you connect deeply with others, make the best love, have the best conversations. It is where the noise is quietened, a stillness comes over you, distraction disappears. It is also where the most amazing rushes occur, that place where we do superman stuff. Jump higher, run further and faster, hit the bullseye, loop that loop, climb that mountain, hit that ball with precision, catch it with ease. Flow is the state that high performers in any field use to excel. FLOW HUB helps people language the experience, understand the science behind it, and importantly learn the tactics and art to experience it more often in their lives. In 2021 we will be running 3-day retreats, launch our online course and make available technology to help people integrate this more often in their life. Last week we ran our first retreat...

2) Last week we ran our first...

Flow Hub Fundamentals Retreat (Beta)

Nothing like committing to do something, making promises, and inviting people to experience the promise. Two weeks ago, my fellow business partners decided that to help us get traction in our new business and bring together all our ideas around Flow, that we will run a 3-day retreat in 7 days’ time. It is amazing what you can bring together in a short period of time when you put yourself in a flow state. For a few of us, we do our best work, are most creative, most decisive, and most efficient when we are under a challenge. Last week 18 guests enjoyed an action-packed retreat complete with meditations, ice baths, breathing exercises, high ropes course (like super high), giant swings and even breaking an arrow with your throat. EPIC!

Importantly we helped them discover their method of achieving flow, we explored the science behind it and gave them practical strategies and tactics to take home. Watch out for our program sheet for 2021. If you are wanting to bring more richness to your life this could be something for you.

3) Last-minute FUN adventure...

Driving a Mercedes GLE AMG 63s

At the last minute, a mate contacted me and asked if I wanted to be the driver of the above car for a press kit photoshoot. He wanted to use our house to shoot the “at home” pics of the Merc. He did take a couple of shots with me in the background “chest out stomach in, look casual” he kept saying. We then headed out on the Peninsula roads with my car loaded up with camera gear and Thomas the cameraman. We spent 2 hours driving back and forth with Thomas sort of hanging out the windows snapping motion shots of the GLE. Heaps of fun. It is amazing what you can fit into a day if you say yes. So often we overthink things and miss out on a chance to have FUN. I wonder what you could say YES to this next week that would bring some FUN into your life. It might not make you money, it might not be “sensible” it might not have any other purpose except to have fun.

P.s. The quote of the week is...

“If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.” Katharine Hepburn

I would love your feedback on what had an impact on you and the lesson in it, moral of the story, or learning you would share.

Have a ripper finish to your week.

Cheers Dr. Ben

Dr. Ben Carvosso

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