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Pic of the Week

Weekend away with my wife Michelle to the Lake House in Daylesford. The service there was amazing. It's not often these days you get ”wowed” by service, but the Lake House delivered. They made us feel special, which is important when you are away on a date weekend. Yep, Michelle and I still go out on regular dates even after 33 years together. (I know we don’t look old enough).

This shot is of the Lake which has a great walking / running track around it.

Here are the top three things that have made a difference in my week.
They might also be useful for you, or not.

1) A docu I’m watching...

Inside Bill Gates' Brain. Great 4 part docu on Netflix on the software magnate Bill Gates. One of the most famous people in the world, but the public barely knows him. Gates has been a household name for decades for two reasons: he was the face of Microsoft during an era when the company’s products became ubiquitous, and, perhaps more notably, he’s very, very rich. Yet, he’s never been the kind of celebrity whose personal life and political opinions are splashed across the tabloids and social media. What makes one of the world’s wealthiest people tick? What formed him? How did he come to dominate a fiercely competitive industry so thoroughly that the US government sued Microsoft under antitrust statutes? What's his fav food etc. etc.

This docu left me in awe of him for what he has achieved as a person. Definitely worth watching if you are into raising your standards.

2)Something I’m finding super useful...

The Record button on YouTube. Yep, up in the top right corner of your phone when you open the YouTube app is a little camera symbol. If you click this, it will take you straight to a record option that lets you record straight to YouTube. This is great for business owners wanting to do a promo video on the run. It allows you to send out a link, or upload the link to your CMS for easy integration into your website.

3) A newspaper I’m liking...

Australian Financial Review - Weekend. I know sounds a bit wanky but the weekend edition is jam-packed with great editorial from the week just passed, plus great leisure, travel, life etc sections. Not a heap of business stuff like during the week (boring). I’m not big on getting bogged down with the drama that our media (especially TV) like to create. All fear-driven, 15-30sec sound bites. Whereas I find the weekend papers go deeper on the issues and offer a range of perspectives. Plus, the paper always goes great sitting in the morning sun with a coffee on the back veranda.

Ps. My favorite quote this week is: “It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.” - Jerry Seinfeld

I would love your feedback on what had an impact on you and the lesson in it, moral of the story, or learning you would share.

Have a ripper finish to your week.

Cheers Dr. Ben

Dr. Ben Carvosso

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